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A digital exhibition featuring selections from five collage series: Little Pals,

Sexy, Stars & Stripes, Strange is Beautiful, and Suspicious Minds.

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Simone Zimmermann is a German-born Mixed Media Artist based in New York City, with a Masters in Art & Design from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. ​ She has shown her work in group and solo exhibitions around Germany and New York. Simone works as a Video Editor, Graphic Artist and Music Promoter.

Artist Statement

My collages are sometimes dark and sometimes sexy, often exploring the divide between fantasy and reality in a playful, ironic, humorous and human way. ​ Common motifs in my work are identity, the art of portraiture, eroticism and pop culture. I see my images as snapshots from a surreal movie whose viewers can then create their own narrative.  ​In a fast paced world, I want the viewer to stand still just for a moment and get inspired.  Instead of using the traditional analog process of cutting out and putting different elements together using scissors and glue, I recreate the same workflow digitally to have more freedom of changing the scene, but still preserving the manual look of the final work.


All images courtesy of the artist.  Copyright Simone Zimmermann, All rights reserved.  No unauthorized use of these images without the expressed written consent of the artist.