Submission Guidelines

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For the most part, we curate our own exhibitions. But we welcome submissions from established artists, and from both independent and institutionally-affiliated curators. Each submission is considered through a process that includes review by a member or members of the Art Museum Committee. The committee is comprised of the director, department faculty and staff.

Though the committee considers all media, please keep in mind we seek professional artists with substantial exhibition or publication records, whose work will provide our students an experience that is both challenging and relevant to their program of study.

We prefer digital submissions and suggest a single PowerPoint saved as a PDF. Links to the artist's website or to specific images are also acceptable.  Please attach statements and CV, and send images that represent an overview of what will actually be exhibited. Submissions that fail to meet these criteria are unlikely to be reviewed.

Send all visual and textual information to

Please do not use this email address for e-blasts, exhibition announcements, or invitations to social media sites. We only consider formal submissions.

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Brian E. Hack, Museum Director